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"By contrast, Dorian Quinn lends bad boy Chuck Cranston menace. Cranston competes with Red for Ariel's affections. And Quinn's threatening demeanor makes us clearly side with Ren."

 (Aaron Krause, December 23, 2022.)

Buck-ing Trends

"Dorian Quinn exhibits a likeable boy-next-door charisma (as the portrayal calls for,) while also displaying a versatile style to his singing, which enables him to go from softly stroking the heartstrings to belting it out to the backrow, the way many of the songs that comprise the score require him to do."

(Leo Buck, August 11, 2022.)

The Show Report

"Her co-lead, Dorian Quinn, well deserves extended ovations for his absolutely marvelous acting ability (seemingly all natural), combined with a vocal range that boggles the mind. I cannot believe he has not been snatched up yet for some Broadway musical."

(Chris Daniels, August 10, 2022.)

Newport Beach Independent 

"Quinn’s joyful exuberance complements Daniels’ sweetly oblivious Kira. The duo have an easy, natural on-stage chemistry that gives their scenes a lift. It’s a spark more simpatico than romantic, which is exactly what’s called for."

(Guest Contributor, August 15, 2022.)

Stew News Laguna

"For Quinn, who’s starred in prior productions of Xanadu, learning to let go of past expectations proved challenging. 'I had to break some old habits,' Quinn said. 'Since this is a whole new cast, a new Kira and a new set, I needed to reset [my expectations]. I had to adapt, which can be hard because I basically had to tear down my house and rebuild it.'

Yet, Quinn said, playing the role of Sonny is one of the more rewarding experiences of his career." 

(Marrie Stone, August 2022.)

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